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2009-09-08 23:44:49 by CompactTricks

Hii everyone!! I have just recently started drawing... and just recently gotten a pen tablet , so i am still learning.... if anyone has any tips, especially shading hahaha, please let me know!



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2009-09-17 06:58:33

can u recommend my art pls.


2009-09-21 22:48:15

I would recomend you first to human drawing by finding images of models and trying to draw them, I would also recomend investing in a couple of art books that have human figures that show skeleton and muscle figure along with the different body forms. I am talking about endomorphs, mesomorphs, and ectomorphs along with keep practicing lighting. Remember wherever the light source is, the shadow will be in the opposite direction. PRACTICE,PRACTICE,PRACTICE!

CompactTricks responds:

Thanks :D, i actually should look for some books, great idea. I will keep practicing regardless of what some relentless people on this site say >.>. Practice makes perfect... or better at least haha.


2009-09-21 22:52:51

For shading you should do pencil first copying those images, but for doing shading rubbing where you shaded using your finger to even out the splotchy pencil shading and then later on cross-hatching best of luck

CompactTricks responds:

That sounds good :D... ill try that next time i pencil draw haha... any tips for tabelt shading?


2009-10-06 20:50:47

Your art is pretty good, but I can't say much because I can't draw on the computer at all. But I respect the way you don't tell everyone to go screw themselves when they give advice or criticism. Its nice to meet some kind and calm people on the web once in a while :D

CompactTricks responds:

Thanks :D...i am looking for all the help i can get... i have taken no classes, only started drawing like a few monthes ago.... so every little help will do.... but there are some jackasses that make useless comments when people are looking for help..... Thank you again.


2009-10-22 12:15:15

Shades with a tablet is alot like shades with a pencil....for the most part. What I do to cover large parts and to do it fast is make the stencle large than lightly go over the entire for where the light hits the highest points, and just keep working it through smaller parts at a time. Don't worry about smudging your picture with to much shade, you have a eraser tool to really bring out the work and the values (shades) in. After that if you want just use your smudge tool and blend the lights and darks into one another, and lightly go over it all with a eraser to really give the tone blend.....thats what I do anyway.

Books, a must is Dynamic anatomy by Burne Hogarth. Just don't get lost in all the one and three thirds by one quarter and three eights stuff he throws out there. The book is very albert durer

Drawing realistic textures in pencil by J.D Hillberry. It'll give you a idea on how to shade things with pencil as well as with the tablet, just take the pencil tecniques and apply it to the tablet, they all work the same if you have a pressure sensative tablet

Study drapery! What you learn from values and textures is amazing and its one of the most challenging things to draw.....for me anyway

Like Texasota said, practice practice practice, do alot of anatomy drawings, and I mean ALOT, and will yourself to finish a picture, you never get anywhere by doing half of a project than going onto a new one without finishing.

You might know this but the darker you shade, the more it bends in, the lighter the shade, the higher up the object is.....if that makes sence

Oh and draw fruit!

CompactTricks responds:

Thanks you help alot, you tips make alot of sense haha... I am trying to draw mostly human figures right now but they are hard as you know lol.... i will keep practicing and thanks again :D


2009-10-25 00:15:15

have no tips, Commrade i can't draw for my life, only write.

but still very good job!

CompactTricks responds:

All good mate... tanks for the comment :D